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Kyle Byers, Co-Founder, 

Blue Mint Marketing

September 16th, 2017

I remember the first time I saw an article that said 

search marketing was dead.

It was almost 10 years ago. 

Search ads and SEO were going to get destroyed by social media marketing, the article said. No one was going to use Google anymore.

But you know what actually happened?

The exact opposite.

People search online for products and services way more today than they did in 2008. Google gets trillions of searches per year now.

A lot more customers and revenue are coming from Google and other search engines today than ever before.

But it's also gotten more competitive. 

Over 90% of Google searches end on the first page, making it more important than ever to advertise just so you'll be seen. 

And over 50% of all the traffic for a given keyword goes to the top 5 ranking sites... so if your SEO is weak, you'll miss out on the majority of traffic.

But with the right techniques, Google AdWords and SEO can be more powerful now than ever.

Features like remarketing allow you to remind non-buyers to come back to your site to make a purchase. Video ads allow you to attract massive audiences with pinpoint targeting, on YouTube and elsewhere. And conversion tracking improvements have made it super easy to see exactly how effective your marketing is.

At Blue Mint Marketing, we do two things:

1. We increase our clients' traffic & revenue.

2. We teach you the strategies we use, so you can increase your own. 

Here's just one example of how well these strategies can work. 

By implementing some basic AdWords and SEO techniques for this client, we were able to increase their sales by $34,771 per week.

The techniques we use are learnable, repeatable, and can be applied to just about any business.

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